{About the Blog}

This Blog serves a few purposes:
1~To document our marriage. I used to love writing, and I love scrapbooking. This combines both in a fast and easy way.
2~To keep our far-away and not-so-far-away family and friends involved in what we're doing!
3~To share recipes to make dinner easier!
4~To document our pregnancy and new baby girl!
5~To just have fun with a creative outlet!
The Blog-
This is an online journal of all things new! My husband and I just married in 2010, and this has been a great way to document our start to a wonderful marriage. We hope it's also an easy way for our families and friends to stop in and view what we're up to {since we know neither one of us are great on the phone!}.
Hopefully it's entertaining and interesting to you all. Please don't judge us in what we say or how we spend our time! :) We're all a little different in our own unique ways.

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Copyright 2009 - All thoughts expressed on this blog are 100% mine. If you want to use any photo or thought expressed here, please site Blissfully Burton; as I will do the same when using your thoughts or photos.

*Here's our first blog~ http://lifeasaburton.shutterfly.com/

I like the pictures I was able to add here, but in the end, Blogger was easier to update! :)


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