Wednesday, May 25

Great {& Cheap} Student Gift Idea!

As the school year begins to end...I start thinking about all the money I've spent during the school year on my kiddos; projects, snacks, gifts, rewards, etc.  So, I'm always trying to find a cheaper end-of-the-year gift for the students.  Most of the time, I make my kids a Movie-Maker DVD to take home, but that takes a lot of time and work {I just made one general one for the party in my room this year}.  I've also made my kids a digital scrapbook, picture frames, summer fun toys, frosty mugs personalized,  etc.  Well, my brilliant and pocket-savvy friend, Katharine, had this idea a few years back and I remembered it...and stole the idea {with her permission of course!}. The gift cost a whopping $15 TOTAL!
of course, a personal letter will be attached to each of these - why oh why did it take me 3 hours to complete the letters though?!?!
Kids LOVE white-boards.  I have no idea why. Maybe it's because we use them all.the.time in the classroom.  They are always wanting to draw and write notes on them; but of course we cannot do that during our rigorous learning time. :) SO, they are each going home with their own this year!

Here's what you need:
Lowe's - purchase a large white-board sheet and have them cut it into squares (it cut into 32 boards): $12
Hobby Lobby - Sew-ology brand small velcro squares: $2 (2 packages with 40% off coupon)
Staples - Expo markers: $ ... this could get pricey...but...the kids bring these in during the school year for us to use, and since I didn't use them all, I decided to use them for this!
I used Sharpies to write their names on the boards and then attached the Expo markers with the velcro.

Do you have any good and cheap ideas?!?!


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