Wednesday, March 30

WILW~TV Edition!

Welcome to my second What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie!  I actually did one last week here, but I'm a nerd and didn't do it fast enough, so I wasn't able to link up! ha!

This edition is all about TV! I used to never be such a TV junkie, but with the invention on DVR I just really love certain shows!  So, read with no judgement please!!! :)

ALL Real Housewives!! But certainly not all equally.  Here is my list:
1. Real Housewives of Orange County {Alexis is my fav}
2. Real Housewives of Miami {love Larsa, too funny}
3. Real Housewives of New Jersey {are they still making new ones?!}
4. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills {Hmm, I love the Maloof gal}
5. Real Housewives of ATL {oh NeNe, you are so drama-rama!}
6. Real Housewives of NYC {I only watch b/c I feel I have to}
all on Bravo
Now, this is funny because I am SO far from the drama-ish stuff. I get so uncomfortable with fighting, but I love the shows!

Bethenney Ever After {and Getting Married?!} also on Bravo
OMGosh! I just love her! She is too funny. And Jason? Oh what a good man to put up with her crazy!  Her body? Hello, did you have a baby? Crazy.  They just crack me up!

Basketball Wives {Shawnie O'Neal is my fav, then Jennifer Williams} on VH1

Mike and Molly on ABC
Have you seen this? Not many people have...but it's really comical!
Modern Family on ABC
I don't know which family is my favorite, but I LOVE Phil Dumphey! He is soo hysterical!
Cougar Town on ABC
{What happened to this show? Where did it go? I need me some Big Carl back in my life!}

Pretty Little Liars {I got hooked during a Snow Day marathon back in January!} on ABC Family

**Shows I'm looking forward to this Spring that will so be on my DVR list...
Pregnant in Heels {Bravo} and Khloe and Lamar {E!}
What are your favorite shows?!

Tuesday, March 29

What A Weekend!

What a weekend for sure! We had so much to celebrate starting on Friday!  So WARNING! This is going to be a long post! ;)

Friday:On March 25th of last year {2010} Brian and I got re-baptised by our minister.  This was SO special to me...almost more special than the wedding, almost:).  I was baptised when I was in 2nd grade and Brian in high school.  Although we've remained pretty close in our own individual relationships with Jesus, we wanted to make a commitment to make sure we remain close with Jesus together and in our marriage, and in our future family... Well here's the cute little kicker... We said a lot of things about how we pledged to bring up our future family in the Lord and... this year on this day we are 3 MONTHS pregnant!! {Apparently this is a big deal in preggo world I've found...}.  Oh how God is laughing above at His master plan!

So, I found this sweet card series from "Baby on the Way" at Hallmark and gave the card to Brian with a cute little book on Championship Fathering by this really cool NFL and FCA guyI wanted to look up the card line online to share with you all, but I couldn't find it! It is written SO cute! It's written as if the baby is speaking.  This particular card was telling the parents not to worry about baby getting lonely because God was holding his/her hand and letting the baby know what was going on. The card was so sweet ~ it brought tears to B's eyes!
card from baby "H" :)
Then we enjoyed a big W from the CATS!

Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed a fun weekend get-away in Nashville! We seriously love getting away together and taking trips no matter how small.  There is just something about getting away from your daily life and just having time with the 2 of you that we just need and crave.  Since we have both been to Nashville plenty of times, we decided to steer clear of the regular 'downtown' atmosphere not hitting up popular places like The Stage, Cadillac Ranch, etc.  We decided to stay on the West End and try to find more local places{we love doing that!}.  AND it just so happens we ran into a sorority sister and her husband whom we went to college with while eating lunch! They gave us some great places to try.  Thanks Emily!  We ate lunch at this cool place called Which Wich? that we totally need in Lexington! It was super yummy!  Then we walked around and drove around town for a while. 
is my belly sticking out a little bit here?!

how cute is this?! great way to walk into the hotel room!
Before dinner we went back to the room to enjoy some very romantic Sparkling Grape Juice {don't hate!} and chocolate-covered strawberries {thanks Jordan and Nick!} and opened our gifts to one another, then got ready for our anniversary dinner at Stoney River.
ok, ok, Brian poured beer in his glass...

UMM, best steak ever! It was cooked in coffee beans with maple syrup, cinnamon, cumin, and a few other spices. OMG delish!  Next, I actually surprised my hubby and made it past 9:00 and went to a few live music joints! Woo Hoo, go me! :)  We went to SamBuca and tried The Standard but it was a one-in-one-out situation... boo! {thanks baby burton for giving me 2 great days!}
Sunday:After we finally got ourselves going on Sunday, we enjoyed brunch at this cute place called Athens Family Restaurant that we found out later was featured on Diners and Dives! It was yummy!  We ended up pulling into Lexington right at 5:00 - the start of our BIG game about #1 Ohio State! Hello W once again and Hello Final Four!!!!  Afterwards we went home and watched our entire wedding DVD...and after a few tears and laughing, we enjoyed our wedding cake topper. YUMMO! It was delicious!  Did you save yours?

It was a wonderful year and a great weekend to celebrate! So thankful for all the blessings we have!

*And if you've made it through this LONG post, YAY to you! ha! I will be doing a Give-Away soon for Spring...stay tuned! :)

Monday, March 28

The Myth isn't a Myth: A Good Man is Hard to Find

{do you all like these?!}
Original Post 2/5/11
When you start thinking that the guy you're dating could become more, I would think we mostly think about how he would be as a husband and how he would be as a father.  But one thing I bet you don't think of is, How is he going to be when I'm pregnant?

Well, this is a BRAG post to one amazing man that deserves it... Duh, my awesome hubby. :)

My husband has been so wonderful since the moment that little stick showed a + sign.  He was there to calm me down, dream with me, and help me get through the first few sleepless nights due to mild anxiety about our lives changing {all in a good way, of course!}.

He's made me milkshakes at 10:30 because I was hungry.  He's learned to clean...and clean WELL so that I won't get sick off the smell of the cleaners and won't have my head in a dirty bowl.  He's hugged me at 7:30pm and told me it's ok that I'm tired and to just go on to sleep.  He's gotten up with me in the mornings while I'm sick, offered to help me get ready for work, packed my lunch on a daily basis, goes to the grocery, eats meals he cooks (what? Yea, if you remember this post, he's actually gotten pretty good at the cooking thing!}, etc.  He's done all of this and so much more, and all I can think about is how lucky I got with this guy. He's truly special and I hope all the men out there are this loving while their wives are changing and getting crazy!

So, what I'm really thankful for is that Brian took on this mentality: My wife is growing the baby inside her, but WE are pregnant. So when she goes through things, I try my best to go through those things with her. Because it's OUR baby.  Not that I'm that far into it, and I know I have a long way to go, but it just makes me feel so much better when I know hubby is there to tell me that I'm gorgeous even with the craters on my face {ha!}!

So...if you were looking for a funny today, I'm sure you aren't finding it here, but sometimes, you just need to brag on the man you said "I Do" to. :)

Have a great Moanday!

Thursday, March 24

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

So, I've never participated in a WILW post before, but I like reading other people's posts, so I thought I would join Jamie! {sorry I'm a day late! haha}

I'm loving this verse right now:
Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I'm loving that my anniversary is in just a few days and we are going to get to eat our cake topper and hang out in Nashville!
I'm loving that our Baby News is getting out and about.  It feels good to not have to 'hide'!!!  I'm also loving that I'm starting to get a bump so it's feeling more real {especially to Brian}.
I'm loving that I shared my names with 3 people today! It felt SOO good!!! HAHA I'm also loving I get to know which "H" name I'll be using in 6 weeks!

I'm LOVING Bethanney. She's so funny!
I'm really loving blogging! I'm so glad I started it when Brian and I got engaged.  I just *now* wish I had blogged before we had met so I could remember and read all about the posts before him and see {or let other's see} how God always has a plan and His timing is better than mine.

I'm also loving that I've talked a lot of my friends into blogging! Hope more are to come.

Wednesday, March 23

Was I ahead of PB?!{ha}

I saw this in the latest Pottery Barn magazine...
And immediately thought of my "B" for my church door of my wedding.  I still have it...I wonder if I should hang it on the front door instead of in the garage??!!  Wouldn't it be cute with a big thick silk ribbon tied around the top?
And...just because you might want to make's the tutorial so you can make your own! I do have them for sale on my Craft Site, but it'd be just as easy to make your own and not spend $80 like PB! :)
If I were to do it again, I would make it skinnier {since it would be for a front door, not a church door} and use the rectangle moss to make it a much faster project!

I'd love to know if you make one! :)

{PS- thanks for following!}

Tuesday, March 22

Our First Year...

I have no idea where to begin.  This year has been ridiculously amazing.  I have more 'special moments' than I ever thought I would have.  It's also been one of the most relaxing years of my life.  Brian and I match so well.  We didn't really have any huge fights or disagreements, no burnt dinners, just a lot of laughing and hugging.  My face just can't stop smiling when I think about this past year.  Between trips, living together, and just being 'us', it's just been plain amazing.

I am fairly certain we all think we have the best husbands {or we wouldn't have married them!}, and I am certainly one of those people, too.  I was complete before Brian but Brian made me overflowing with extra joy.  He is such a good, honest, and caring man.  He is sensitive and puts forth more effort than I ever knew was possible.  I know he's worked at certain topics we had discussed during our pre-marriage classes, and I can tell - because we don't have a lot of issues because we both work hard on the things we already know could cause one.  And while I know that yes, this year was a blissful one and not all the years to come will be this 'easy', I know that with the strong love, bond, and Christ-centered marriage we have we can get through anything together. 

A few of my favorite simple moments from this year:
*the night we got re-baptised together (March 25th) to re-dedicate our marriage and future family to Christ
*the moment walking off the stage as a married couple
*the night we came home from our honeymoon and stayed in the same bed in our first home for the first time
*our monthly special things we did for one another to celebrate another wonderful month
*all the trips and weekend adventures we went on
*just going to bed with one another each night
*decorating our first Christmas tree
*finding out our little miracle
I'm getting too excited for this weekend! We have some fun things planned - hurry up work week!! :)


Not 2 hours after I posted my Myth Monday below, my baby girl name popped up on someone's Facebook page.  Now...why isn't it that I haven't gotten off that silly thing?!  WAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

So, we are this a sign we will or will not have a girl?! Ahhh, I can't wait to know.  Still holding out on the boy name. Haven't heard it...yet!!

What do you think we'll have?!

Monday, March 21

Myth is not a Myth: Naming the little bundle

I have been told by some wise souls several times before, "Don't say your names out loud. Someone will either take it, or it will become popular."  Well, I did it. I did it with hesitation, but I did it. I remember the conversation vividly.  A few of us book club members were all sitting around Mandy's dining room table discussing names. A few people were sharing, but I was trying my hardest not to.
And then I did.
And then it happened.
I heard my precious name about 2 weeks later.
And again a month later.
And again, 3 months later.
I will tell you that I did not cry, but that would be a lie.  All but the last time I wasn't even pregnant {or at least I didn't know I was!}. The time I found out my name was taken and I was pregnant...let's just say; thankful for having a sweet hubby who doesn't judge. :)

I also have been known to have a few major freak-outs in the past few weeks. Although I'm sure that is coupled with my crazy hormones {i mean, I've never been one for drama, right?!}, I know SO MANY PEOPLE who are pregnant!! I know a few friends, and more acquaintances that I'd never even know about unless it was for that darn Facebook. So I will tell you this...if my name is taken I will probably, I will cry. HA!

Now, will I still use my beloved name in-which-I've-loved-for-years? I am not sure... I guess we'll find out soon...
{original post date: 2/2/11}
3/21/11~ So, we have our boy name and girl name. And I love them.  Brian does too. I think he is in love with our girl name.  I can't wait to know which one we will be using!!!

Saturday, March 19

12 Weeks!

YAY! We've made it to 12 weeks!! There was a time where I wasn't sure I'd ever see the end of the first trimester! Fingers crossed, I've felt pretty good the last 3 days.  Maybe this will be my 'magical' time! ha!

Today started out with my weekly treat ~ a McDonald's Mcgriddle {egg and cheese}, hashbrown, and OJ.  It's been my treat for about the last 6 weeks every Saturday morning for counting down another week!

Our "What to Expect" app this morning said baby Burton was the size of a large plum! That's so crazy to me! Although, I've already got the are-you-bloated-or-pregnant look, so I guess it isn't that crazy!

This will be a jam-packed day with watching UK advance to the 3rd round of the NCAA {hopefully, but not hopefully for my bracket - whoops}, taking Hayden to Monkey Joe's, and having the MIL cook us dinner with Brian's cousin Kelley and her daughter.  Therefore...I'm off to take a nap!!
*Thank you for the continued prayers. I'd be lying if I said I did not still have freak-out moments, but knowing this is truly God's plan and His timing helps settle my nerves.
Cameron says, Go CATS!

Friday, March 18

3rd Doctor's Visit {Past Post}

Original Post Date 3/1
We went to our third doctor's visit on Tuesday (Mar. 1).  We're beginning to see how busy our own doctor is...because once again our doc was delivering a baby. So we're 1/3 with him! However, the doctor we saw was sooo nice! We loved her! She was very open and honest, and basically made me feel much better about my constant freak-outs and feeling terribly all the time.

So...on to the good part! We didn't get an ultrasound, but we did get to see the baby! Our doc even printed us out a picture {which apparently they don't usually do at this visit}.  The baby's heartbeat was very quick and strong and baby was much bigger than the last time! We could see the little heartbeat flickering. It was so neat! All my tests and blood pressure came back great as well.  I was very relieved about this because I haven't been able to eat very healthy due to being sooo sick - I have to eat what I can get down!  I also haven't gained any of the weight I initially lost back yet, but the doctor said that was normal, so I'm not going to freak out about that anymore.

Also, the best part was that we get to find out the gender at 18 weeks!!! They usually do it at 20 weeks, but I've been a week ahead of the timing of the visits {long story as to why}, so we are waiting to go back in 5 weeks instead of 4, so that we will be able to find out early instead of later! YAY! That is going to be soo fun! Baby Burton will have a name!! :)
Baby Burton is the size of a medium sized green olive!

A different kind of shopping...{Past Post}

Original Post (2/26)

My mom and I went Maternity clothes shopping one Saturday when I was feeling decent.
It was quite comical.
We went to Target first and they didn't exactly have the selection I had expected.  Next we headed to Motherhood Maternity in the mall and ended up staying there for probably close to 2 hours!  It was too hilarious! They have this cloth bump (that was kind of bumpy?!) that you strap around your waist to see how you 'may' look in the future with your bump! It was more funny than helpful honestly.  But we had a lot of fun with it! I think it's also funny that you buy your regular size and it is supposed to fit! Can't wait to see if this is true!

We bought a few things, and I even found 2 decent bathing suits for the summer. I actually bought a one piece... I don't know when the last time I wore a one-piece was...maybe the Speedo I was wearing when I swam in high school?! I told Brian to just watch out for my hot-ness coming at him in Summer 2011. :(  Why doesn't Victoria's Secret make maternity swim suits!?

Here are a few funny pictures from the shopping day. Mind you, we were in maybe-the-world's-smallest dressing room, it was a million degrees in the store, I was wearing my accupressure bands proudly, and I had been holding in my pee for almost 30 minutes. Again, I apparently haven't had this 'beautiful pregnant woman glow' yet. I hope it comes soon!

Mom wanted in on the action, too!
Since then I've found some other clothes at Kohl's, GAP, and a few online stores.  Oh me oh my...I am glad I can *hopefully* pull off the flowy summer dresses! haha! :)  And no, I'm not insane, I will not be spending $100 on a Pea and the Pod shirt I will wear for a few months.

Tuesday, March 15

St. Patty's Day Desserts!

All I think about is eating desserts! Weird, huh? I'm usually not a huge dessert person. So, since I haven't posted a recipe in SUCH a long time, here are a few fun and yummy-looking desserts to make!!  I SOO wish I could make one of these for my students, but the thought of preparing food is still gross to me. :( Oh well, maybe soon!!

Mint Chocolate Dark Squares

The Ultimate Thin Mint Brownies

Grasshopper Pie

Kiwi Lime Pie

Easy Ice-Cream Pie

Chair Envy

Ok, no secret, I'm not in love with our family room chair. I'm just not. No matter how many pillow changes it receives, I don't like it.  Well...I had been looking up different family room furniture options for our next big change/update in our home {mostly chairs, and then couches to match}, but it looks as though it won't be happening anytime soon since baby's are apparently expensive! HAHA! I believe our next room will be a nursery!

So, anyways, here are a few of my chair envy's ~ I'm in love with the gingham pattern...not so much in love with the circles in the boring, muted colors I'm currently the owner of. Just not me. :)

All photos courtesy of


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