Monday, July 1

Loving Toddlerhood.

I feel like over the past few months, I've really come into my own.  Much more than I had first thought in the months that followed Harper's birth.

I've realized with Harper at this stage...I just wasn't a good "baby Mommy".  Sounds so bad, right? I don't know if it was the colic, the pain I felt after giving birth, etc., but now looking back, I just feel like I am a better 'bigger kid' Mom.  Does that make sense?

Staying home with Harper this summer has been an absolute joy.  Last summer was as well... And don't get me wrong, I do still love teaching, but it's like I have a little buddy around this year.  One who can talk pretty darn well for 21 months, a little independent lady, and one that still loves to "hold you" (hold her).

In the start of summer, after I'd had a few days off, my Mom said, "See, staying at home isn't all that easy...I bet you never get a break."  And while I have to agree with this a little, right now, I think it's about a ton easier than working a full time job and being a Mommy.  With my job, I NEVER got a break.  It was a rarity when I had an actual planning where I got to sit at my desk and 'rest' for a minute.  Especially when it was down in the nitty-gritty of May.  Now, Harper and I have a pretty good routine going, and she naps for 2 hours straight.  I'm sure if you've followed me for a while, you remember Harper was never a good napper on her 2 free hours a day? WOWZA! :) :) :) It's just a nice time being home with her.  Of course we have the daily melts or tantrums, but I've learned to deal with them promptly and effectively for now, so they really don't take much thought.  Of course we aren't yet 2, but from what we've seen, I'd say we are seeing some of the 'terrible twos' already.  That's the funny thing about this age, they go totally CRA CRA for a minute, and the next minute they are giving you a big 'ol neck-hug and telling you 'sowwy' and 'love you'.  I mean, you just can't stay mad at that!!

Another reason I feel like I've grown is with Brian.  I'm not going to lie. It was hard the first couple of months. But as Harper gets older I think Brian and I feel like we learn quicker and do things a little 'better' than before. We've learned to laugh at the moments where Harper goes "out of her mind" during a tantrum instead of fretting over the obvious inevitable of having a strong-willed toddler.  We've learned to take comments and suggestions with a grain of salt, and learned that nothing is better for Harper than seeing her parents hug and kiss (even though Harper very quickly says "my daddy" at the first sign of anyone getting close to him, including me! Daddy's Girl anyone?!).

Anyways, I just feel like a re-newed Momma lately and it's such a great feeling.  The feeling that I truly only have 1 major job going on has really helped perk me up.  Of course, doesn't the sunshine perk you up all by itself?

I truly don't even know what my summers used to entail before the little lady came to be...but I sure wouldn't have it any other way!

(I promise she smiles, haha these were just the 2 easiest pics to get to!)

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  1. Summer is such a gift for mommy/teachers!! I am so thankful you all are enjoying it. I think you definitely feel like you come into your own as a mom after crawling through the trenches of the beginning stages of your first newborn {stressful}! Harper is too cute!


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