Wednesday, April 10

I quit Blogging

Can't ya'll tell?


I got overwhelmed, stressed, saddened, and just really a lack of the want.

Blogging used to be great when I first began.  I wrote for myself.  I wrote for my family album. There weren't many blogs out.

But then... I started following bloggers, and they started following me.  I started getting paid for some posts, I started getting criticism for some posts.

And all I really wanted to do was journal my life.  My REAL life. Not a cookie cutter life. 

I also couldn't keep up.

Do you feel like that?

With Pinterest, Fakebook, and Blogging, I just couldn't keep up!  I don't have time to craft! I don't have time to make gourmet meals! I don't have time to take a picture of my outfit every stinking day!! You also wouldn't want to see what I look like every day! Most days I have crazy curly hair, I'm wearing the nicest thing that was clean, but man, I am teaching WELL and I'm loving WELL.  And it just seems I didn't feel I needed to blog that...

So, I write all that to say.... I hope to take back blogging.  I miss writing down little things I want to remember about Harper.  She's such a great toddler. With MAJor ups and downs, but nonetheless, AWESOME.


Oh, and we moved! :)
See ya'll soon I hope!


  1. Aw! So good to see you on here. I was having the same hard times. I don't go on Facebook anymore and now limit myself to only pin recipes or mom articles I find. It's awesome that you just want to blog for you! I try that too :)

  2. Welcome back! :) I wondered where you had been.

  3. I've missed you too! Harper is so sweet. I took a long break from facebook, and like you said, it was fabulous. It's amazing how much you can focus on your own life in so much more detail when you don't know about everyone elses. Plus the need to keep up with the cookie-cutter, it was wearing me out too. My kids whine to much and my house is way to big of a mess. Looking forward to catching up on Harper's growth!

  4. I have missed your blog and seeing your cutie girl! I feel like I got out of the blogging pattern for a while this winter too. It seemed like everyone was in a slump. Blog for you- blog for Harper- blog for family memories.... and certainly ignore ALL of that terrible criticism but enjoy the mama camaraderie. You are a wonderful mama!

  5. I definitely know what you mean - all the social media aspects can get overwhelming sometimes! You have to write what you want to write, or you will get burned out - I've gone through the same thing!

  6. I hear ya! It's important to take a step back to enjoy your life. I completely agree with wanting to write about your real life without criticism. Too often I catch myself worrying about saying the wrong thing or not posting enough to keep followers interested in my life. It's important to always remember why you started your blog - for you. That's what I've always liked about your blog - you're genuine.

  7. Amen, I completely agree. I only blog once in a blue moon now. My time to sit seems to be few and far between lately. I try to keep my blogging about the kids and things going on because when I print this "journal" it is going to be so hard to take out posts that I no longer want! I hope you guys are doing great!!


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