Friday, April 1

Kids are SO funny! :)

I've been contemplating when to tell my students.  I didn't want to tell them too early as a cautionary fear...but I knew I couldn't wait too long because co-workers were coming into my classroom telling me congrats or asking how I was feeling, etc.  With 4th graders, they are pretty smart and pick up on things I knew it had to be soon!

So, I decided to tell them the last hour of the day on the day before Spring Break.  Boy, was that a phenomenal idea! haha!

Of course I can't show you all the sweet, sweet pictures I took of the pure excitement on my kid's faces, I will show you how I told them!

My team-teacher wrote a cute kid-friendly poem for my students.  Then I tried to make 'baby bird nests' cupcakes...they turned out ok...  Of course my kids are so sweet and they were so excited they totally told me they 'got my creative thing'.  HAHA!
I asked the kids to open their poems and read silently.  I asked them to not say anything until everyone was finished reading. WOW! I caught some amazingly wonderful, sweet, and cute smiles on their faces.  One little boy {wish I could post the pic!!} had a smile as wide as his face and just looked at me shaking his head!  Once they all read it the kids started clapping and running up to me!

One very cute kid even said this hilarious statement: Pointing to my belly, "No wonder you've been getting fatter!" HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

I seriously lost it! After the shock of the other kids and them realizing I was laughing so they could laugh, he started crying because he thought he hurt my feelings! I told him I was so glad he could see I was growing because a little baby was in there! :)

{I had the kids turn around so we could re-create his cute gesture with his saying.  His hair is covering up his face enough so I thought I could post!}
Anyways, their questions were precious and they were just so EXCITED for me. It was so funny and cute. Loved it! However, not 10 minutes after I told the kids, I'm pretty sure it was the new gossip in the 4th grade, so again, very happy of my decision to tell right before a week long break!


  1. This will be a moment the students will not forget. Very creative!

  2. I stopped over from Kelly's and read your story. I'm a teacher as well and even though we aren't pregnant yet, I hope to be able to tell my students in a unique way too. Congrats :)


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