Thursday, November 1

13 Months

No, no, no, I'm not going to be continuing my monthly posts...but there are a few major things I just have to jot down from this month! It's amazing how quickly she develops!!

*New Things*

~ We had to change Harper's whole milk to soy milk.  This was a change I was really hoping to not make, but since the change, things have just seemed to work out better.  She LOVES drinking the soy and will drink it more with meals and on her own than she was with the whole.  We also think the whole was hurting her belly - causing some unwanted cries and possibly causing some tantrums... Since the milk switch we haven't had nearly the outbursts we were seeing.  Not sure if this is correlated, but it sure does seem to go together.

~ Harper is such a sponge these days! It's just crazy what she picks up and repeats! Some newer things are: she can tell you where her shoes are and the word, where her socks go and point, follow multi-step directions (for the most part if she's heard those words before), and where her nose is. :) she can also high five!!

~When we ask Harper if she's ready for bed or a nap, she motions her head up and down and walks to the stairs.  It's so crazy! She does the same thing when we say it's bathtime.  *Side-note: I was not all about the CIO, but luckily we didn't have to for long, but it is SO nice to just tell her it's time for bed and put her in her crib without any fuss!! (i wrote a post about CIO somewhere!)

~Harper communicates a lot with head shakes of yes or no. We are still trying *really* hard to not use the word 'no' with her unless it's something urgent.  We use 'not for Harper' or 'uh-oh' - which she says over and over again when she's dropping things or falls.

~Tough girl! I mean, she is totally rough when she plays.  She plays hard and can fall hard, but she will randomly cry.  She totally doesn't get that from me!

~Loves going to the Church Nursery and loves those girls there!

~She still loves to kiss all the time and has gotten in the habit of kissing the faces that pop up on my phone if I'm on speaker phone.  She also SAYS 'LOVE YOU' which is just about the SWEETEST thing thus far.  :)

~Words that she uses in correct context:
Buh-bye (and waves)
love you
doggy (yes, still totally obsessed...we have no idea why or how)

~Tantrums (our Doctor calls them frustration/language tantrums)
I have a post on this...but...we have begun to see what people say are the normal toddler tantrums.  She can get very frustrated when she wants something and cannot get us to understand what it is she wants.  We are really working through these and like I said, I've got another post dedicated for this! :)

~We are officially OFF the paci....but I let her have it at night, don't tell our sitter!! Our sitter actually broke her of the paci in 3 days! We did not exactly want her to do this or were ready for her to get rid of the paci, but Harper has been talking a lot I guess that's good!

~Eats everything in sight and a lot of it! ha!

~Loves to dance and will begin dancing whenever she hears music or little tunes.

~Moved up to the next carseat! She is back to liking the car now that she's not squished and she can see things!

~Has a total of 6 teeth with 2 more breaking through.


  1. she is so cute! Happy 13 months Miss Harper

  2. PLEASE tell me how you broke the pacifier!!!! Callaway has her's only at nap time and bed time and about a month ago we tried to take it away and it was madness. After 13 days we (I) had had enough and gave it back to her, I just didn't think she was ready. She still only has it at nap time and bed time but I can't take it away from her right now. She just couldn't sleep without it!


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